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Delivery charge of £3 for on all orders under 3 miles. Then £1 additional for every mile.

Our Healthy Under 500Kcal Menu




Calamari Fritti£4.95

Deep fried fresh squid (421 Kcal)                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Fresh homemade Italian bread with diced tomato, olive oil and balsamic glaze (331 Kcal)                        

Mediterranean Roast Vegetable Bruschetta£4.95

Served on homemade bread (381 Kcal) 



Main Courses



Penne Burro£8.95

Roasted butternet squash, pesto and garlic in a fresh tomato sauce (471 Kcal)                                         

Linguine All’Alglio£8.95

Linguine cooked with garlic, olive oil & fresh parsley (437 Kcal)                                                        

Linguine Napoletana£7.20

Linguine cooked with fresh tomato, garlic and basil sauce (387 Kcal)    




Spinach £3.95
Pan fried with garlic and olive oil (195 Kcal)
Italian seasoned roast potatoes (320 Kcal) £3.95
Insalata di Pomodoro£3.95
Tomato and onion salad with fresh basil and olive oil (197 Kcal)
Insalata Verde £3.95
Green salad with iceberg lettuce, green peppers, capers, olives and onions (188 Kcal)
Insalata Tricolore £5.50
Avocado, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato (310 Kcal)
Insalata Caprese £4.95
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with fresh basil and olive oil (279 Kcal)

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