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Delivery charge of £2 for on all orders under 3 miles. Then £1 additional for every mile.




Crispy Cauliflower Wings £4.95 (V) (VN)

Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Homemade Cheesey Dough Balls £5.95 (V) 

Homemade Italian dough balls stuff with fresh mozzarella (Vegan option available) 


Agnolotti Wild  £9.95

Lobster filled pasta parcels cooked with pan-fired prawns, wild asparagus and truffle oil.

Linguine Vegano £9.20 (VN) (GF)

Linguine pasta cooked with wild asparagus, porcini mushrooms, cashew nuts and truffle oil. 

Steak-Melt Pizza £10.95 (GF)

Homemade pizza base, topped with tender beef steak strips, melted mozzarella cheese, onions and gherkins.

Gnocchi Carciofi £7.95 (VN) (GF)

Italian potato dumplings with artichokes, olives, garlic and a touch a chilli.

Linguine Porcini £7.20 (VN) (GF)

Linguine pasta cooked with wild mushrooms, red onions in a vegetable stock and a touch of garlic.


Truffle Chips £3.95 (GF)

Chips smothered in parmesan cheese and truffle oil. (Vegan option available)



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