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Delivery charge of £3 for on all orders under 3 miles. Then £1 additional for every mile.

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Penne Napoletana £4.20

Penne Pasta in a light tomato, garlic and basil sauce.


Penne al Pollo £4.20

Penne Pasta in a creamy sauce cooked with ham and mushroom. 


Penne Carbonara £4.20

Penne Pasta cooked with a creamy egg and bacon sauce. 


Penne Polpette £4.20

Penne Pasta cooked with traditional Italian home made meatballs and a light tomato sauce.


Children's Make Your Own Pizza £4.95

10" Margherita pizza base and the choice of two toppings. Choose from pepperoni, ham, pineapple, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers. If you would like to add additional toppings you can for an extra 80p surcharge per topping. 


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